Mambo Overview

Conoce mambo, su cultura, la forma de generar soluciones innovadoras con gran impacto.

The Mambo way

A 100% human process with a business outcome.

Through it, Mambo designs and implements transformation projects that aim to solve strategic challenges.

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1 Exploration

Through qualitative research and projective techniques, we identify the preferences and aspirations of a specific target user.

2 Ideation

We use co-creation workshops as a jumping-off point to design disruptive solutions.

3 Experimentation

We produce functional prototypes in order to validate our solutions.

4 Implementation

Transformation begins with the implementation of these solutions. We make our designs a reality.

We innovate to transform.

At Mambo, we believe better answers require better questions.

Pedro Ayín

VP of Payroll, Scotiabank

Let's change: How do we increase sales? For: Who is our client? Why would he choose us?

Before meeting Mambo I thought they were a social media agency and contacted them about a mobile app. I was surprised to find a team that questioned our reasoning and pushed us to rethink the entire way we relate to our customers. Today, Club S is the bank's cornerstone, thanks to a process that is as transformative as it is entertaining!

Joan Eyzaguirre

Talent Manager, Tottus.

Let's change: How do we decrease staff turnover? For: How do we create happier teams?

Even when we had a single store, we always worked to be close to our team. As our chain grew so did the distances and it became harder to stay close. In situations like that it's hard to keep alive that magic, that sense of belonging. We joined forces with Mambo and designed #ConTottus, a social space that is key to strengthening our company culture and bringing us closer together.

Diego Caro

Marketing and Client Relationship Manager, Sura.

Let's change: What digital platforms should we develop? For: What bridges must we build?

Private pensions are a complex and ever-changing market. It was because of one of these sudden changes that we came to Mambo and started a project to completely revamp one of our most important products, from its DNA to the way it was being marketed to soon-to-be retirees. The result was Unstoppable (Relentless?) Plan, a pension that understands seniors don't want to stop, but to keep building.

Sebastián Benavides

Co-Founder, WUF.

Let's change: What awards do we want to win? For: How do we build a better world?

We started Wuf with just the intention of helping dogs. We looked to Mambo for help and they incubated our dream into a sustainable project. A year later we have top-level business partnerships, a brand that has completely connected with our target market, and several successful products with which we have accelerated in-shelter adoptions and raised more than 75,000 kg of food for rescue dogs.

Our Clients

"I have worked with Mambo in the public and private sector and can truly say they are out-of-the-box thinkers that innovate out of a desire to build a better world."

Fernando Zavala

Prime Minister of Peru.

"Mambo is irreverent and inquisitive. Their passion for positive change keeps us in a growth mindset, forcing us to change and grow."

Miguel Uccelli

CEO, Scotiabank Peru.

"Mambo is a key partner that helps us keep focused on our client's needs."

Aldo Ferrini

General Manager, AFP Integra.

"I've worked for 30 years in retail and mass consumption and I know the speed at which these industries move. Mambo is a much needed partner in keeping up with the times."

Juan Fernando Correa

CEO Falabella Group.

"Disruption: this is the essential ingredient Mambo brings to the table."

Luciana Olivares

Chief Strategist, Latina

"Mambo is unique in what they do, in the added value they bring to brands and businesses. They do it through a capacity to blend strategy and creativity, an agile execution and a culture and mindset to transform challenge into opportunity."

Gerardo Ríos

VP Baby & Femcare Latin America, P&G

Mambo is a transformation consultant...

but we want to be seen as a group of curious, honest and well-natured people with a passion for innovation. If you want to get to know us, our doors are always open to new friends and partners.

Do you want to be a transformation agent?

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