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We live disconnection times. It is time to add
people and technology to generate positive.


What THEF%&! is mambo?

We did not really know how to explain what mambo is, so we ask our customers for help.

Live our coolture!

More than a company, we are a community.
Discover our recipe told by our rare buggers.

We are passionate about two types of projects…

Cultural transformation

Nowadays, companies must evolve to survive. These changes must start from within. Behaviors are not changed by sticking values ​​on the wall, but intervening in shared rituals, beliefs and narratives.

Business transformation

The exponential era demands radical changes in business models. Value proposals must incorporate not only the client in their design, but also technology, the environment and society.

…which we face with a
user-centered methodology



We are looking for a disruptive way
to connect with the problem.

“I asked the mambo team for help with a Fisheries Safety challenge. It was gratifying and surprising to see them experiencing their own fishing tasks together with our collaborators and to understand their needs closely.“

Gonzalo de Romaña

CEO Tasa



User, client and mambero we dream together solutions to the problem.

“Scotiabank is in an accelerated process of digital transformation. The mambo team, in collaboration with our Digital Factory, sketched and designed mechanisms to bring the peruvian on foot, with digital transactionality. It was also a very fun process.”

Luis Torres

SVP & Head of Digital Banking, Scotiabank

The mambo way
The mambo way


The transformation begins in the execution. We make the designed reality.

“To embark on the adventure of discovering new sales channels, we find fantastic software vendors in the market. In mambo we find a little more than that: an ally that sits with us and feels our challenge as his. This has been key to achieving our goals.”

Arnold Wu

Líder de la cultura y
Gerente General en Pardos Chicken.



We put together functional prototypes to validate the experiences.

“After-sales service is one of the attributes most valued by our customers. Far from remaining in ideas, we piloted together with our mambo friends the physical and technological solutions that they decided to explore. We fail, we sharpen and we scale together a project that will change the way we serve Peru.”

Harold Lynett

Director de Atención Presencial, Claro

And if we still do not convince you…

“The most valuable thing to me about the process of cultural transformation that I waged together with mambo in my organization has been precisely how they helped me transform myself.”

Armando Pareja

CEO Inca Rail

“Our mamber friends helped me and my team to reimagine our relationship with future generations and with the environment. It was a valuable and entertaining process for everyone.”

Mario Campodónico

CEO Cencosud

“I admit that having to present my challenge for the Mambo community's approval caught my attention. However, after discussing the problems in detail with all of them, I understood the impact that getting the entire organization onboard has in the success of their projects.”

Rafael Álvarez

CEO Backus

“Mambo is questioned and irreverent. His passion for positive change keeps us in the growth we need to transform us.”

Miguel Uccelli

CEO Scotiabank

“Mambo is a key partner that helps us stay focused on our customer.”

Aldo Ferrini

General Manager of AFP Integra

“I have worked with Mambo in the public and private sector and can truly say they are out-of-the-box thinkers that innovate out of a desire to build a better world.”

Fernando Zavala

Primer Ministro del Perú 2016-2017.

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